Sunday, February 1, 2009

The play is over, so I now have a bit of free time before we start doing the musical and I'm costuming for that.
And what does more time mean? more blogging! and pictures of what I've been making lately because I'll be home before dark and can take them in natural light.
I've been making a lot of spring dresses and wearing them over thick tights with grandpa cardigans, I have also been working with loads of knits, which unfortunately means I'm sewing on my overlock not Eilonwy. But I'm getting a lot of use from the patterns that came with the Sew U Home Stretch book I got for Christmas. I also have Wendy Mullen's first book and every single one of her Built by You patterns, you might say I'm obsessed, only a bit.
I have been playing around with pattern making and construction as well, but I still don't have a dress form so it's a bit hard to do draping, my math skills are going to good use though because I'm figuring out measurements to make patterns instead of transferring drapes.
I've been so inspired lately and don't have enough time to get all the projects done, my sketch book is filling up, I'll have to get another one soon.
and I have a bit of good news, I'll tell you about it once some things are finalized, but it's pretty epic.

sometime this week I'll get pictures up here, okay? I promise.


  1. oh how lovely :)
    nice blog u got here.
    hope u'll like to check out my blog and become a reader ^^ would be lovely.
    toodles <3 :o)

  2. Sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing the sewing antics.
    I tried a bit of pattern making the other day. It was for a skirt, so nothing too difficult, but I did find it far easier than I had anticipated.

  3. aww why thank u very much dear! ^^
    and i dont mind at all!
    in fact i'll link u too if thats ok? hehe


  4. I love your blog!! And I am about to proceed and link it on my own...

    Thanks so much for linking my blog on here! It's great to know that I have regular readers =]