Thursday, February 26, 2009

(fill in with some epic title I am to lazy to come up with)

It's been a crazy week at school, and now it's almost over.
However I'm going to be gone for a bit longer because my room is about forty-two times messier than that lovely one up there and the OCD perfectionist cleaner in me is starting to have panic attacks just looking at the clutter. and there is the fact that the parents are threatening the death of my social life if it doesn't get organized fast.
By the way, I am loving the empty picture frames in the photo above.

Photo credit is unknown.
New years resolution number 38: get better at criediting pictures.

***EDIT*** New Years resolution number 39: learn how to spell crediting.

***EDIT*** The lovely Dani from mot à ta mère found the link of the picture above it's from The Selby.


  1. wowwww amazing blog! I'll follow u!
    yeahh of vourse u can link my blog


  2. GAH! you are truly amazing. every single picture on your page is DROOL-worthy -- what a genuine soul you are, helping a fellow blogger out!

    and FYI, i think that pic is from if i'm not mistaken! even if it's not, it's a wicked site worth peepsing!

  3. it would have driven me nutso if i didn't find the source of that pic!

  4. lol and I thought that picture above was ur room XD

    and thank u for sharing ur fav love song with me <3
    will make sure it goes in my book :)