Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'll swim across lake michigan

I probably will be really scarce this next week, I've been slacking a bit on schoolwork and need to focus on that.
so here's some killer inspiration to tie you over.

I've been listening to: Nickel Creek, Joshua Radin, Mirah, Peech, Eliote Smith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Of Montreal, Peter Bjorn and John, Smoosh, Sufjan Stevens, and about 582948 others.


  1. I'm lovin the second to last pic. Not only are they quite stylish they look like they are having quite a bit of fun. The whole thing just reminds me of care-free happiness =]

  2. Thank you for the comment and link. Lovely blog, I'm a fan of The Selby also. x

  3. ohh i love the second last photo. that girl is so perfectly pale!

    yes, please do! we will be linking you too :)

    /maisie #1

  4. i liked the first artwork! :D