Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Faint Memory of Soft Blue and White from Mornings Past.

There has been something on my mind about the style of dress I want to make with the blue and white striped fabric I showed you yesterday, but I couldn't quite put my finger what the inspiration behind it was.
Then when I finally found time to read Teen Vogue today the realization slapped me across the face.
Men's pajamas! the striped are just larger than classic pajama fabric. I have been thinking of soft gathers and pleats, flowing and comfy, but with men's wear inspired details to refine it just a bit. Just like the cozy pajamas that your father wears. Now that I have realized what my inspiration is I can focus on the design, instead of trying to think of exactly what I am reminded of by the fabric.

photos are from teen vogue march 2009


  1. mens pajamas and that editorial sound like great inspirations!... Im curious what the result is going to be like

  2. the first photo is so great
    and the model is gorgeous!

  3. I loved this spread when I found it in my Teen Vogue the other day! one of my favorites from the mag in a long time...and a great place for inspiration.

    I love your idea and can't wait to see the results =]

  4. ooh i love these pictures!
    i've always liked my dads striped shirts and pajamas but never gave much thought to it- perhaps now i'll decide to raid his closet and do some tailoring!