Friday, February 13, 2009

Only half past the point of no return.

I know this picture has been up here before,
I love it despite it reminding me of my lack of a lace slip dress and cowboy boots.

There hasn't been a post in a super duper long time (but really only 5 days) because school has been killing me, ripping my soul out and stomping on it with steal toed cleats, (actually its been more like crampons, the steal spikes that you strap to the bottom of your boots when winter mountain climbing, oh yes mountain climbing dork right here). but I have a three day weekend which besides the 1286934674 pounds of school work I have to do I might get some sewing done.

I am thinking about summer too much, and its been such a downer because I can't wear anything summer related due to the snow that's dumping right now. I have worn wool socks, Birkenstock clogs, cardigans and scarfs internally too much, like pretty much every day this week. It needs to get warmer soon, I am tired of this bipolar 'lets be warm one week and snow the next' weather.

Wow what a great weather rant, I really have nothing to say about fashion lately,
Oh but on Wednesday my mom came home with a box, like a jumbo can barely be carried by one person box, full of fabric. This lady that somehow knew my mom, was cleaning out her basement and found a massive box full of fabric, she didn't want it and she gave it to us without even looking at it. I was semi-hopeful for some epic stuff but when we opened it up the only good things were a few yards of super nice black silk jersey, and some of the same in olive green, and a million yards of purple linen. Also in there were some half made shirts, one is in a fabric I really like the wrong side of, so I'll see what can be managed with that. disappointing, but I guess for free fabric, some high-quality jersey is pretty great.

I'll try to have a great post up on Monday, okkkaayyy?

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  1. I love the outfits here, especially the skirt. So natural and beautiful colors.