Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a Small Fabric Obsession.

My favorite thing to do when I need some cheering up is to go to the fabric shop and just feel different bolts.
Sadly I have not been on a fabric shopping trip in such a long time. Not to worry though, my mother used to do custom dress making and costuming for various ballet companies, so she has loads of cool fabric left over from that. She got rid of a lot of her stock a few years back to make room for a quilting obsession, but she still has closet and a few boxes devoted to the higher quality stuff.
Occasionally I go through every thing to find something great. Here is what I found on my last search.

^ ^ blue and white striped light cotton, there is a large bolt, probably six or seven yards, I'm thinking a dress, and maybe a skirt of top as well, we'll see.

^ ^ This is one of my favorites, its a large graphic floral knit, it's thick but very flexible, I only have two yards so I don't think there will be enough of a dress, but I might be able to get one out of it with some creative cutting. If that won't work it will become a high-waisted gathered skirt, or maybe a full drapey top, I need some input.

I have been a bit obsessed with stripes lately, I have made a skirt out of striped twill, and a large cardigan from brown and tan striped sweater knit. With that added to the stripes I have filling my closet and the striped cotton I just found, I think I will soon have too move on to a new pattern to avoid being known as the girl who only wears stripes.

I would very much like some feed back on my intentions for the fabric, what do you envision?


  1. I love feeling fabric, too :)
    There's nothing wrong with wearing only stripes.

  2. so lovely.
    I could totally picture both of those fabrics as high waisted skirts paired with a simple loose white top and a braided leather belt.
    add a pair of gladiator sandals and here´s the perfect hippie summer look!

  3. That painterly floral is lovely--I could see it in a great 1930s/40s shape dress...
    I love going to fabric stores and just running my hands along the different bolts...

  4. i kinda love ur header. it reminds me of origami.