Monday, March 16, 2009

I finally think I made a decision on my hair, I am going short and staying my natural color. I've been going back and forth for the last few weeks (making choices is not my strong suit) and seeing Drew Barrymore in W today set me over the edge. Plus all my friends have basically told me that for the last two years of my life my hair has looked like crap and I should cut it short like it was. Tomorrow I plan on cutting off close to eight inches, I am still a bit unsure about the bangs I don't think I'll mess with them.

And I apologize, my last few post have not really been about what I'm sewing, I promise the next one will be.


  1. aww i still think long hair is better but i'm kinda biased lol! and i'm sure you'll make it look good and it won't be generic =]

  2. Is that top pic Drew Barrymore? It's gorgeous!

  3. Short hair sounds great. I'm envious of your ability to go for it.

    Your dream of a self sufficient farm sounds lovely.

  4. cool!! i got my hair cut yesterday and I got it that length like in the pictures. I always like it this way. Long hair doesn't suit me to well >__<

  5. ooh nice choice!
    love the first picture.

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  7. i really like your blog and i love what you wrote in your about me section its so cute :)

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog :) and i was quite a tomboy myself. i was always climbing trees and getting scraped knees and playing spies. and actually i occasionaly still do those things although im also very much a girly girl too. and, red velvet cupcakes are my favorite :) yummm. xox.

  9. Drew looks gorgeous in that pic - and I say yay to cutting hair.

  10. ah yes, I have that W as well. Drew looked amazing right? and Kate Moss has the short do,too.
    I didn't actually cut my hair, I just have this super versatile hair cut where I can pull the bottom half back with only 2 bobby pins. It's actually very similar to Jenny Humphrey's hair on GG. Not a day goes by without someone (even close friends) asking me if I cut my hair!