Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Okay, well I don't have a photographer and my camera apparently doesn't have self timer, oops.
these are the ones I managed to take by putting it on my windowsill and running backwards.
haha, Basically on the dress I bleached and died it blue(in real life it's not quite as vibrant as in the pictures), added darts and various pleats in the back and sleeves to make it more tailored.
I wore it to school today, with the vintage woven belt shown, black tights and brown peep-toe sling backs.
I got so many compliments today and it was really nice, I got asked by a random classmate if I ever thought about pursuing a career in the fashion industry, and I was like 'every single second of every single day'. haha, it feels good to be a bit over dressed in a see of sweatpants and tees. I think I will make it a more regular thing, no more sweatpants Thursdays, tie-dye Tuesdays might stick around though.

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  1. that belt is so pretty!
    the dress is also lovely, from what i can tell.